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Funding Up to $5,000,000 without Collateral and Up to $50,000,000 with Collateral

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Get the Capital your business needs without getting in a bind. When you need fast cash, your options are often limited. After all, traditional lenders aren’t usually known for their rapid payouts. You can hedge your bets by taking the traditional route and waiting months or weeks for loan approval…or you can get alternative financing. This type of financing enables you to get the cash you need when you need it.
Compare Options, Choose your Loan and Get Funded FA$T.
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Qualification is Easy, funding is Quick, and payback is Transparent!

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Fill out our Quick Apply online application in just a few minutes! There’s no fee or obligation, and it won’t impact your credit.

Alternative Financing

2- We Review Your Application

We review your goals and present you with programs that match your needs, then we’ll present you with an offer in just 24 hours.

3- Receive the Capital

Choose the program that best fits your needs, sign the contract and receive money in as little as 24 hours.

Multiple Lenders and Only ONE Application

As entrepreneurs, we know how complex and frustrating the traditional bank loan process can be, and that roughly 2/3 of small business loan applications are rejected by banks each year.
So, we created MaraiD FA$T Capital to help small and medium-size business owners access working capital in just three steps. You can get up to $1,000,000 or more in just 48 hours, with no collateral or upfront fees.
Our streamlined application process and team of loan experts will connect you with the best loan options for your business from a network of more than 50 esteemed lenders with only one application.
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